This year’s Casual Change Day raised £3,067 for the charity Slough Mencap, who in honour of their 70th anniversary were selected as Eton’s charity of choice. Through Community Engagement, boys have now been volunteering weekly for the charity for over 50 years. Slough Mencap is a local charity that provides services to people with learning disabilities and their families. They organise a full range of activities and events, enabling their members to interact and enjoy the companionship of others. They receive no financial support other than the funds they raise by themselves. Recently, there has been a surge of further people needing support due to the cost-of-living crisis. Therefore, Slough Mencap has begun providing extra services to ensure that the most vulnerable continue to receive support.

Grateful thanks must go to the Eton Action Team and Ms Mehta for organising Casual Change Day 2022 and to Walter M, Leo S, Leon J and Oscar L from the Photography Unit for capturing some of the more memorable choices of dress!