Last week, Professor Stephen Broadberry of Nuffield College came to the Keynes Society to challenge common misconceptions about the industrial revolution, and explain why some states are able to develop and succeed whilst others cannot.

During his talk, Professor Broadberry explained how Britain was able to become the strongest economy during the 19th Century. It was not, as many believe, due to a rapid rise in growth during the industrial revolution, but rather an avoidance of periods of shrinking.

He also examined the British economy in the context of the wider world, and the extent to which the North Sea countries (principally Britain and Netherlands) were much wealthier than other countries at the time.

Questions from the audience ensured that Professor Broadberry enlightened boys on the economic role of the British Empire, as well as the potential future impact of climate change and how it might spark technological advancement.

I would like to personally thank Professor Broadberry for his captivating talk.