On the second October, Ian Jones came to Eton to discuss how he goes about taking photographs and the meanings behind them. As 'the royal photographer' he has taken photos of Her Majesty the Queen, the late Princess Diana and Princes William and Harry, amongst others.

In his speech, Mr Jones discussed the importance of aerial and linear perspective in photography, as well as how the build up and preparation of an event can actually create better photographs. He also spoke of the dangers that he has faced in taking photographs in areas of war such as Iraq and Afghanistan where RPGs have tried to shoot down the helicopter that he was in.

Finally, he concluded with anecdotes about how being different is useful and that anticipation and research are the key to getting a unique perspective. He said it was this attitude that gained him access to incredible events such as the Sochi Games, where he was alone with the President of the IOC and was within touching distance of both the Russian President and Prime Minister. It truly was an insightful and informative talk for all that attended.