“She Stoops to Conquer” by Oliver Goldsmith, was this year’s College House Play, mixing in itself elements of a sentimental comedy, a satire and a farce. It ran in the Farrer Theatre from 1st to 3rd of February, directed by Dr Marco Liviero.

The five-act play starts with Mr. Hardcastle arranging for his daughter Kate (played by Max Heuvels) to meet Charles Marlow (played by Jack Stacey) with the intent that the two will marry. On his way to Mr. Hardcastle’s manor Charles and his companion George Hastings meet Kate’s stepbrother Tony, who tricks the two friends into confusing Mr. Hardcastle’s manor with an inn. The result is an absolutely comic confusion as the two friends unknowingly insult the host and Kate pretends to be a maid in order to help Mr. Marlow overcome his shyness towards upper-class women. The second story arc revolves around Tony and his cousin Constance Neville, whom Tony’s mother insists he marry in order to obtain her inheritance.

The brilliant performance was both subtle and hilarious, with some outstanding acting by everyone, particularly Max Heuvels, and multiple set changes transporting the audience from an alehouse, to a manor, to a park and back.

A special thank you should be extended to Dr. Liviero for his brilliant directing and for always being there for the cast. Furthermore, we would like to thank the Farrer production team, the make-up crew as well as the cast for putting so much effort into the play and making sure it ran so succesfully.

Daniil Filatov

Photos: Jasper Sodha