The Inter-House Mathematics competition took place in School Hall. Over twenty teams, each consisting of four people + 1 helper, participated, with College submitting a record number of seven teams spanning every single block.

The event itself consisted of three rounds, during which the contestants were required to solve different types of mathematical problems under extremely time-pressured conditions. The first round required the teams to solve ten problems worth six marks each in thirty minutes. This year the contestants were confronted with a particularly hard set of questions, with no team managing to obtain 100%. What followed was the blitz round, in which teams had to split up into two pairs and solve a set of four problems in just five minutes. The last segment of the competition was the crossword round, in which the mathematicians had to solve a fairly challenging crossword by using the hints provided to them. Again, this time the teams were split up into pairs, with every pair only given half of the clues, either the ones for numbers going down or the ones for numbers going across.

The overall winners were a team from College. Oscar Parry-Wingfield, Chris Yacoumatos, Damien Yiu and Rhodri Whiteley were presented with the exquisite trophy by the Vice-Provost. We would like to thank Dr. Moston for organising the event, as well as Mr. Dean and Mrs. Thorne for helping run the competition.

Daniil Filatov