The inter-house maths competition took place in School Hall on Wednesday 13th February. A total of 29 teams, each consisting of four people plus a helper participated, with College submitting a record number of nine teams spanning every single block, and Holyport College also being represented.

The event itself consisted of three separate rounds, during which the contestants had to solve a range of problems testing various skills under extremely time- pressured conditions. During the first round the contestants had to solve ten problems each worth six marks in the period of thirty minutes. Then followed a cross-number round, which proved extremely hard this year, with the highest score being 54 out of the 75 available marks, as opposed to last year when several teams managed to obtain full, or near full marks. Finally, the blitz round followed, when the teams had to split into pairs and solve a set of four problems in five minutes, passing the solutions to previous questions back and forth, to use as hints for the subsequent question.

The overall winners of the competitions were from College, with the team consisting of Mathew Buckley KS, Trevor Chow KS, Gustav Conradie KS and Daniil Filatov KS. We would also like to thank Dr. Moston for organizing the event and ensuring that it runs smoothly.

Daniil Filatov