Eton Virtual 2 has seen the invention of a new podcast series, the introduction of lunchtime Zoom exercise classes, and now a weekly quiz for community members. Run by quizmaster Lesley-Anne Brewis from QuizQuizQuiz, a quiz-designing and hosting company. We sent Press Officer Cosmo Fasanya to find out more by participating live!

Open to all members of the Eton community, the quiz takes traditional trivia questions and transforms them in, with participants experiencing various intriguing and inventive rounds. All the questions and answers are delivered live on Zoom, as well as immediate support if there are any problems. Teams, although capped at a maximum of 8 participants, can be split across various different households and are brought together between rounds through Zoom’s breakout rooms. Some particularly creative Zoom names have appeared in the past weeks, with some of the most notable including ‘Quizteama Aguilera’, ‘Quaranteam’ and ‘Professor Quiz Witty’.

While enjoyment is paramount, an element of competition is welcome, clearly illustrated by the variety and originality of the rounds. The ‘speed round’ (in which the first three teams to finish gain additional points) and the ‘roundabout’ (in which the last letter of the first answer is the first letter of the second answer, and so on, with the last letter of the last clue actually linking to the first letter of the first answer, forming the answers into one giant loop) were particularly inventive! As well as the questions changing from week to week, the rounds change too, adding another layer of complexity and ‘replayability’.

The team behind the quiz, QuizQuizQuiz, regularly writes questions for nationally-broadcast TV shows such as OnlyConnect, so questions are challenging their breadth, covering a huge variety of topics from geography to Greek mythology.

We would like to thank Leslie-Anne Brewis and her team for putting on this wonderful event. While you wait for next week, here are some previous questions for you to muse on:

‘Which continent has the most nation states?’

‘Which South-East Asian nation is composed of the most islands?’ (9 letters)

‘What is the 20th triangular number?’

‘Which two nations have won the Rugby World Cup on home ground?’

‘Which word features the most in the song titles of Number 1 singles by The Beatles?’