A career education networking event was held last week, specialising in the financial industry. A ranger of speakers from across the industry came to talk to boys about their current and past experience, focusing in particular on the nature of their workday, the issues they deal with on a daily basis and the benefits of working in the financial sector.

A conversation with James Bevan, Chief Investment Officer of CCLA, revealed that finance is an umbrella term for many different kinds of jobs. It has options to suit all characters and interests; if you are interested in maths and markets, you can become a market analyst, but if you are more interested in dealing with people then you can manage clients. There are also jobs which encounter and utilise both people and maths on a day to day basis, such as stockbrokers.

It became clear that working in finance is far more diverse and varied a job then the stereotype of simply sitting behind a desk all day. One can visit travel the world, work with clients and different communities, decide on investments and develop expert knowledge in current affairs and global markets.

Both regular VocSoc events and the college Career Education site provide lots of information about different careers – thank you to Mr Fussey for organising such an interesting and thorough programme.

Gabriel Daudy PEPW