On the 1st October, Adam Wills, co-founder of GBK and Crosstown Dough, came to deliver an engaging and inspiring talk to the Entrepreneurship Society.

He talked about how 'premiumisation' as a concept works so well with existing products, especially in a city like London. Mr Wills talked about how he spent his time in New Zealand, before coming over to the UK. He set up his first GBK in South West London and it was a success after being named as the 'top cheap eats' by Time Magazine. The chain later expanded from the original 20-seat restaurant to the other side of the river. Mr Wills eventually left the company which sold for £10m.

He now focuses on Crosstown Dough, an upmarket bakery and coffee house which many large companies use for events, breaking the ice with potential candidates or simply to show how much they appreciate their employees.

It was a fascinating and engaging talk which was met with some intelligent and thoughtful questions from the audience including one about where food will go in the future.

Jasper Sodha

Picture by Morrison Cleaver