On Wednesday 18 January, 20 boys from Year 10 spent their morning investigating a simulated crime scene and learning more about careers in forensic science. The workshop, led by experienced Metropolitan Police veteran, Hayley Scott, was filled with professional practical activities typically carried out by the police. Ms Scott also shared fascinating anecdotes from her career – for example, she explained how just one tiny piece of toilet paper can expose an arsonist in Heathrow airport. The workshop also helped us understand how important preparatory work is at a crime scene and how much documentation and recording is involved. For example, through the need to record every entrance and exit from a crime scene.

During the workshop, the boys were introduced to three potential murder suspects. They were required to listen to their interviews, as well as delve into a temporary crime scene in the STEM Centre, in order to deduce who had killed the victim. After putting on protective gear, we searched for clues surrounding the dead body. They were told that there was sufficient evidence for lab testing for us to find, and that we would be able to match fingerprints with suspects. To achieve this, we were instructed on how to use aluminium powder to extract the finger marks from wine glasses, as well as how to use a cotton swab to absorb DNA from a used handkerchief. Finally, using the physical forensic evidence alongside support from the suspects’ interviews, the murderer was revealed. 

Many thanks must go to Mr Fussey for organising such an enjoyable and immersive experience.