To help the boys build their employability, this week, Eton College boys attended a CV writing workshop given by Executive Coach and former Eton parent Carrie Coombs. This is part of the school’s drive to weave employability through the curriculum, taking account of the global competition for jobs at a time of slow economic recovery.

Carrie’s focus was on how the boys should build their CV in order to secure an interview for a work placement, internship or job. She emphasised the need to target every CV towards each particular role or opportunity: specifically how Eton boys should not only understand the role and organisation to which they are applying, but also how important it is for a young applicant to determine how their background, experience and skills should be showcased in a concise CV.

Over 75 minutes Carrie explained the need to produce a one-page CV that is relevant, but that also stands out from the crowd. In a highly interactive session, all boys were left under no illusions that the labour market is highly competitive and that CVs are a critical part of the employability matrix.