The Eton pair of Harry Elliott KS and Toby Tricks KS have won the final of the SOAS Schools Debating Tournament. This is one of the largest schools competitions in the country, with over 90 pairs participating, including all the members of the England team. After four rounds of debating (with motions on encouraging pupils to pursue degrees in sciences rather than humanities, prohibiting the media from revealing suspects' identities during trials, giving priority for organ transplants to organ donors, and the effects of the rise of reality TV), Harry and Toby made it to the final, in which they had to propose that the next James Bond be cast as a woman. Harry and Toby argued that the patriarchal character of James Bond and his status as a male prototype made him uniquely harmful to perceptions of women. Janet Bond, by contrast, would be an especially assertive and successful woman, who would break down the idea that such behaviour is dependent on the character being male. Equally, Janet Bond would, similar to Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games series, serve as a role model to young girls and to young boys, reinforcing the independence of gender from a person’s characteristics. A total of eight pairs of boys represented Eton at the competition, accompanied by DMS-H. All worked hard and learnt much as the day progressed, and there were particularly impressive performances from E and F Blockers making their competition debuts: Adam Mombru KS; Coen Armstrong KS; Greg Weaving KS; Arthur James KS; Charlie Sunley KS; and Edward Bracey KS. Charlie Sunley and Edward Bracey were outstanding as a novice pair, coming first in two of their four debates, and finishing in 22nd position.