The Debating Society kicked off the new season with the annual Keepers vs Secretaries contest. Lower School was packed with boys from F to B and the motion before the house read: “This House Opposes the Sexualisation of the Music Industry.” Proposing the case were Santiago Richardson-Vassalo (AJC) and George Elliott (ASR). George opened the debate by emphasising the harmful effects of sexualisation on young people. Santiago then bolstered this by addressing the ways in which the music industry was particularly susceptible to abuses of power, how sexualisation tells women that they need to prostitute themselves to be successful, and the dangers of the belief that sexualisation complements and enhances the feminist movement. However, the Keepers, Benjamin Barnard (AMM) and Doug Feagin (PGW), ‘came in like a wrecking ball’ on what seemed the more difficult side to argue. Doug opened the case for by criticising the proposition's unreflective prudishness, and arguing that many of their examples were actually women in positions of power. Benjamin enhanced this further by deconstructing the sexist implications of the government case, placing emphasis on the importance of choice and questioning why different standards of behaviour are being applied to men and women. The evening concluded with the house voting against the motion.