Cinephiles and music enthusiasts alike gathered in the densely packed Concert Hall on the Friday 19 January in eager anticipation of the Eton College Music Society’s inaugural Film Music Concert.  

The concert began with Justin Hurwitz’s A Lovely Night as featured in the internationally recognised hit musical, La La Land. Whilst the singing was amazing, it was the dancing that stole the show. By perfectly imitating the choreography of the song, the boys managed to capture the essence of love and ambition that can be seen throughout Damien Chazelle’s masterpiece. 

This was followed by an excellent rendition of the Schindler’s List theme – played on piano and violin. Composed by the legendary John Williams, the music from this Holocaust drama managed to convey profound sorrow. 

A change of tone ensued as the Captain of the School and Captain of the Oppidans got together to sing A Whole New World from Aladdin. The timeless magic of Alan Menken’s composition transported the audience to a world of wonder and adventure, bringing with it a mighty wave of nostalgia. 

Amongst other highlights, the boys played a wonderful saxophone cover of the Monsters Inc. theme, a medley of the Hogwart’s March and the Jurassic Park theme and a cello cover of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Finally, perhaps very fittingly, the concert ended with the closing music from Avengers Endgame.  

The entire concert was a great joy to listen to and to watch and we eagerly await the next concert.