On Thursday 10 February, 41 girls in Year 7 who attend Eden Girls’ School, Slough (a Star Academies school) visited Eton College for a series of science workshops.

The girls were split into two groups and visited all three of Eton’s science departments to carry out different experiments.

Our pupils had a fantastic day at Eton. They felt like real scientists! The activities inspired most of them to take science in A Level.

Teacher, Eden Girls

We started with a biology experiment dissecting owl pellets to see what they had eaten. Some people may find this gross to dissect pellets, but I found it really interesting to identify what they had eaten.  My owl had eaten a vole.

Pupil, Eden Girls

The final experiment was my favourite for chemistry.  We got the opportunity to mix different substances to see what chemical reaction would be made.  One of the experiments created a glow in the dark which was really fascinating.

Pupil, Eden Girls

In biology they investigated owl pellets to discover what the owl had been eating. In physics, after a demonstration of the amount of air in marshmallows, they investigated buoyancy. While in chemistry, after donning Eton Connect lab coats, they carried out a series of chemical experiments to look at different properties, before creating glow in the dark solutions.

I left Eton College having enjoyed our afternoon. We want to thank the amazing staff at Eton College for giving us the opportunity to see the science department and be part of the science workshop. We feel very privileged to meet the amazing staff.

Pupil, Eden Girls