Entrepreneurship Society Mr John Ayton, founder of Links of London

The Entrepreneurship Society was extremely pleased to host Mr. John Ayton. He and his wife, Annoushka, founded Links of London almost by accident in 1990. Mr. Ayton described in depth the story behind Links’s growth, and the principles which he and his wife had used to grow their business into the recognisable high street brand it has become. After selling Links four years ago, Mr. Ayton has continued to operate within the luxury goods market, working with the Bremont Watch Company and setting up Annoushka Jewellery, as well as involving himself in the preparations for the 2012 London Olympics.

Mr. Ayton provided some very useful insights into the importance of risk-taking and challenging convention in business, as well as answering a variety of interesting questions on how best to start, grow and eventually part with a business. The evening was enjoyable for all concerned and no doubt provided some useful tips and hints for future entrepreneurs.

Alex Richardson (RGGP)