This week, Eton’s Year 10 were reunited by a Zoom webinar hosted by the Environment Society. Caspar Tyser MAG, reflected on the lessons he learned from the event:

The webinar focused on what each and every one of us can contribute to help the environment in these strange times. As the world went into lockdown, eyes and ears turned away from the environment to the global coronavirus pandemic. Yet in January 2020 there was extensive newspapers coverage of devastating environmental issues, including the Australian wildfires. The severity of the COVID-19 outbreak has seen this focus on current and worrying environmental issues fall away.

The Environment Society reminded us that we can still learn about these issues, and contribute as individuals to discover potential ways to resolve them. We were encouraged to look out for the environment by taking online courses, posting about issues on social media, going vegan, turning off lights to save energy and signing declarations to raise awareness of conservation work such as Project Rhino. Participating in an ecological footprint calculator was also a stark warning that we need to take action now

We were encouraged to remember that any voice or action is another name and signature, which in turn is another step closer to international governments taking a more active role in environmental sustainability.

You can calculate your ecological footprint here.