On Monday, 25th February, the Jafar Hall hosted a gathering of enthusiastic beaks and boys from all years for Eton Action’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). A series of speeches from committee members laid out the successes of the last year’s fundraising, volunteering and advocacy efforts. As well as the improvements the team are trying to make, notably new ideas from the fundraising team on how to increase this year’s yield, a major purpose of Monday’s meeting was to choose the four new charities to be supported by Eton Action’s fundraising achievements from 2019-20. Nine people's suggested charities made it through to the shortlist and received the opportunity to present to the attendees of the meeting. The charities were split equally into three categories; local, national and international. After the boys in each category delivered their presentation the attendees were able to vote online. The results are as follows:

Local-Number 22 Community Counselling Services (presented by Dr. Stephanie Coane)

National-Moor House School and College (presented by Max Irvine)

International-Kids for Kids (presented by Vernon Li)

Final vote-St Giles Trust (presented by Monty Jones)

All presentations showed a great deal of dedication and vocation to the boys’ respective causes. If you wish to learn more about the work done by Eton Action visit their firefly page here What's New: Social Action News.

Monty Jones