Eton Action Fair 2018 After countless hours of preparation, the Eton Action Fair took place on Saturday. In glorious sunshine, many of the usual favourites were there, from the renowned ASR plate smashing, to the delicious AW chicken wings, to a whole host of other Eton boy stalls and external charity offerings; the Fair had it all. The boys, along with hundreds of visitors, threw themselves energetically into the event (with the usual mad rush as the NSPCC Jumble Sale opened its doors). This year the Windsor Town Crier was in attendance to add some vocal marketing. Some highlights included 'Glorious Walpole' (the Provost won the Blue Corridor race this year), the PEPW fruit machine, the AMM crepe stall, the BJH Playstation stand and, of course, the many stalls run by those from outside of Eton. The unusual was again in evidence; the boys of NCWS had the infamous ‘crawl’ from Windsor Bridge and RDO-C again showed their overnight endurance with a 24 hour Fives, Rackets and Squash marathon. Aside from devouring hotdogs and playing all the games on offer, many boys were involved in the logistical side of things to help ensure the Fair’s success. Each house had an Eton Action Representative to help manage their house’s stall. Additionally, C Block and D Block were assigned duties to help with manning the entrances and helping CDNP (the mastermind) with the general running of the Fair. All boys had the chance to decide where the money raised would be going; every boy in each house voted for their charity of choice from the five that the Eton Action Committee had chosen: Family Friends in Windsor and Maidenhead, Orchestras for All, Young Minds, Workaid and Planting Promise. The total amount raised by the boy stalls currently stands at £39,249 (and rising), all of which was divided between the five charities listed above. In addition to this, the external charities also earned many thousands of pounds for their own good causes, making 2018 a very successful Eton Action Fair.

Ali Soufraki (ASR)