Over Long Leave, 11 E and D Block Japanese students embarked on a trip to Japan along with students from the London Academy of Excellence.

Right off the bat, we visited one of the highlights of the trip, the Fushimi Inari Shrine, a mountain shrine with a 4km climb to the summit under over 7000 Torii gates. Despite some jetlag, we soldiered on to about halfway up and were rewarded with some stunning views. We stayed in Kyoto for a few days, learning about everything from geishas to the history of kanji.

We then took the famous bullet train to Nagoya where we visited Kariya High School. We were greeted very warmly, and were immediately thrown into a lesson with our guides to get an idea of what a school day feels like there, as well as participating in a speech and tea ceremony.

We are very grateful to DMS-H, JG and Dr Pacaldi of the LAE for accompanying us.