On a beautiful Saturday morning, two Eton boys – Dev K  and Joshan D – and two teachers (Justin Nolan and Tom Arbuthnott) departed from Eton to head to Peterborough for IntoUniversity’s annual 60k cycling fundraiser.

IntoUniversity is a charity Eton has worked with for many years. It now operates 39 learning centres in 22 UK towns and cities.

IntoUniversity centres offer a welcoming home-from-home for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds: a safe space to learn, explore and succeed. Each local centre offers an innovative programme that supports young people aged seven and up to realise their ambitions, achieve their academic potential, develop vital skills and gain experience of the world of work.

The bike ride began in one such of their centres in Peterborough. The group started well, cycling around the bike paths in Peterborough before breaking out into the Huntingdonshire countryside and across the county border into Northamptonshire.

On the way to lunch, Mr Nolan made sure the group halted for a quick ‘history stop’ to see the castle where Mary Queen of Scots was executed, and the historic Gothic parish church nearby.

The group then stopped at Oundle Rugby Club for lunch before finishing their ride back to the Peterborough centre, with Mr Nolan leading the way throughout!

The ride was extremely enjoyable with wonderful weather throughout, and the entire IntoUniversity team ensured that the boys and staff felt welcomed throughout.

By the end, Eton had managed to collectively raise over £1,000 for the charity and were the highest fundraisers out of all the participants.