On Wednesday 8 February, Eton College launched the first annual report of the College’s partnership work with other schools. The launch took place at the Thames Valley Learning Partnership’s Festival of Music, which was hosted at The Windsor Boys’ School and featured a variety of musical performances from eight local schools.

Eton Connect Annual Report 2021/22


  • Eton Connect coordinated activities for over 5,400 state school students and teachers over the last academic year.
  • Through our five closest school and charity partnerships, over 1,000 state school students engaged in regular activity, working alongside Eton’s staff and students both at the College and online.
  • The local partnerships programme reached more than 800 local children from 60 local schools through a wide range of activities, from 1:1 university preparation support for sixth formers to a primary school class’s first experiment in a science lab, and more.
  • The College Collections hosted 83 taught on-site museum sessions for 2,198 students from Reception to Year 11, with many making their first school trip and visit to a museum.
  • Throughout the year, more than 300 local students used Eton’s sports facilities and coaching opportunities.
  • Between July and August, Eton hosted 467 students from 80 state schools for free at three summer schools for UK students.
  • Eton’s Centre of Innovation and Research in Learning worked with over 700 teachers and students through research, training, conferences and courses.
  • In addition, thousands of users also accessed Eton’s free online resources: EtonX, the Digital Learning Hub and the Collections digital content.
  • The positive impact of so much joint cross-sector activity also inspired many of Eton’s students. During the year, Eton’s students dedicated over 3,700 hours to volunteering and independent social action projects, and fundraised over £145,000 for multiple charities. Eton’s students also engaged in environmental action both at the College and across the wider community.