In an attempt to unite the Eton community and ensure students start each day with a ‘positive frame of mind’, Mr Nolan (TEJN) is hosting virtual assemblies broadcast every day at 8.30am on the newly inaugurated Eton College Radio.

With many guest speakers interviewed about a wide range of aspects, the podcasts are packed with relevant and useful information to help students during this strange time.

Some of the main takeaways so far have included the following thoughts and advice:

1. Although we are separated, we are in fact united

As ASR explained, “although we are keeping our distance, there is a unity in this shared experience”. We must work together to face this global challenge and whilst it is easy to forget we are united, it is important to remember that we are.

2. Have a positive mindset to embrace social distancing

Although isolation can be tedious, it is important to reflect on its advantages. Spending more time with your family, contacting friends online and using the opportunity to self-assess are just some of these. Furthermore, maintaining a positive attitude is as important for the wellbeing for those around you as it is for yourself.

3. Make use of the vast quantities of available online resources

There is a vast selection of online resources to explore. MOOCs, apps like Google Expeditions and all of the new online fitness and wellbeing tutorials offer lots of opportunities to explore new ideas and practices. Of course, there are also lots of technologies for staying in touch with friends and for expanding your personal film and reading libraries, so get online!

4. Eton is doing a lot to help its community and you can as well

Eton, as the Head Master has announced, is “supporting key workers in its community” as well as vulnerable children from the ages of 5-13. Volunteers will help educate up to 100 children using all of the amazing facilities and outdoor spaces that we have on site. However, boys are also welcome and encouraged to assist the voluntary work Eton is doing (via

EtonX courses will also be free for all state secondary schools, enabling those wishing to continue learning to develop their essay writing, creative problem-solving and CV construction skills.