Last half-term, we welcomed 20 boys from the OSCAR Foundation to spend a day at Eton College as part of their UK football tour. The OSCAR Foundation is a Mumbai-based charity that uses football to instil the value of education in young people who lead difficult lives in India.

The boys had an action-packed day which included an art lesson, fives session and a match against the U16C football team.

Pupils Dominic Yorke and Marcus Arkwright, who organised the visit, said: “Throughout the day, we experienced how engaging and enthusiastic the boys were when it came to participating in activities.

“Their drive to learn more and always wanting to participate had a profound impact on us and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

“This experience helped us to establish a friendship with the OSCAR boys. Being able to meet and connect with our guests was an experience that we will never forget.”

It was a real pleasure and honour to host the OSCAR Foundation and we hope the partnership between the charity and the school grows in the future.