Eton College is increasing the number of free courses available to UK state schools on its digital learning platform EtonX this September. UK state school pupils will have access to additional ‘Future Skills’ courses in Critical Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking and Verbal Communication. These new courses are open to all pupils in UK state schools from Year 10 – 13.

The programme builds on the offer made to UK schools at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in March where over 900 schools signed up for access for over 220,000 students.

EtonX’s Future Skills Programme is a suite of online courses, each of which provides 7-10 hours of self-study content. Each course is presented by a different Eton teacher and the skills learned are designed to be beneficial for all students, whether preparing for sixth form, for higher education or for the workplace. Current courses include Resilience, Interview Skills and Making an Impact.  

Dr Nikky Hammond, Acting Assistant Principal and Head of Physics at Tomlinscote School in Surrey said:

“Our students who have access to the courses have found them to be extremely beneficial and were very grateful to be given the opportunity to work though such a unique platform. As a school, our free access has meant we have been able to support our students much more effectively with progression and work experience skills.”

Tom Arbuthnott, Deputy Head, Partnerships at Eton College said:

“Vast numbers of students across the UK benefited from our EtonX software during the lockdown: it’s wonderful that so many children found the courses useful and helpful in building their skills. We are really pleased to be able to extend and expand the offer of free EtonX courses to the UK state sector – we only hope that more and more students will gain from EtonX’ outstanding content.”

Catherine Whitaker, CEO and Head of Learning at EtonX said:

“EtonX courses are designed to provide skills which students need in addition to their academic studies.

It is perhaps no surprise, therefore, that our most popular course by far during lockdown was the EtonX Resilience course. UK teachers clearly felt this was an opportunity for students to develop ways of coping with change and uncertainty during the COVID pandemic. We look forward to continuing to support schools across the UK with our expanded offer now that schools are back.”

The programme forms part of the ‘Eton2020’ initiative, where Eton College has pledged to spend £100 million over the period 2020-2026 to enhance educational opportunity in the UK, building powerful multi-dimensional relationships with state sector schools. To find out more, please see

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