11 weary boys and 2 masters set off to Heathrow at 5am on the Friday of short leave (all but one with the correct passports!). The destination? The well-known French Town of Grillon.

After a quick lunch on arrival, we were told to put on the gloves and get on court, stopping only for a water break every now and again. However, for the lazier of the group, there was also a croquet lawn if they fancied something slightly less energy demanding, or a swimming pool if they really wanted to utilize the hot weather. The games of fives were played throughout the day, with a tournament set up with random pairings, which soon deteriorated into a free for all. The games could often be played past supper, heading into the late hours of Saturday evening.

Armed with only Fives gloves and trainers, we were prepared to give it all on the fives courts in France, even given the 30-degree heat. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and the boys impressed with the standard of fives they played, and how their game developed.

Overall, it was a demanding but nevertheless entertaining weekend, and we extend our warmest thanks to Dr Cox and Mrs Cox, who, as always, were such delightful hosts to our team.