The Eton Futures lecture on Wednesday featured Rakesh Idiculla, a Chartered Civil Engineer, who described with infectious enthusiasm to an audience drawn from three schools his career with the Kier Group. The variety of his involvement managing a variety of projects on six continents was striking. He gave illustrated examples ranging from roads to sewers, mining projects to dams and refineries to jetties. The audience were easily persuaded that the Thomas Tredgold quote, that civil engineering is ‘the art of harnessing the great powers of nature for the good of mankind’ was absolutely pertinent. Rakesh discussed the various routes into engineering but also identified the key skills that effective civil engineers needed to develop. Foremost of these was an ability to think in an unconventional but logical manner and work with people of all backgrounds. He went on to emphasise that civil engineering is not just about solving a problem but, crucially, is about clearly defining it in the first place. He finished with Isaac Asimov’s quote: “Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world”. His diverse audience were excited by the possibilities of engineering as a career and we are very grateful for his ongoing support for career education in Eton.