Ten Eton boys and three teachers set off one chilly Sunday morning on a mission: to clear as much waste off the Eton High Street and its surrounding areas as they could. After kitting up in gloves and high-vis jackets, boys, teachers, and members of the local council began scouring the Eton High Street armed with plastic bags and litter pickers. Notable finds included a variety of cans, hundreds of cigarette ends, chairs, tires, a traffic cone, PVC pipes, an ironing board, and a working watch. Having worked away diligently all morning for the cause, all members of the Eton Clean Up were greeted with hot tea and bacon butties as reward for their hard work and willingness to help the community. An enormous amount of waste was eventually collected and sorted by the Eton Town Council, totalling 46 bin-bags worth. Because of this, we would like to thank the Town Council members and volunteers for their warm welcome and sound advice over the course of the Clean Up. Our gratitude must also extend to the teachers for organising the school’s participation, and finally to all the student volunteers who took time from their busy schedules to contribute. We believe that it is extremely important for all students to give back to the community, no matter how large or small that contribution may be, and we hope to see many more Eton boys out there, litter pickers in hand, when the time comes around!

Vernon Li (DWG) & Freddie zu Wied (PGW)

Photo: George Fussey