The Law Society and Voc Soc spearheaded an evening to present Sarah Pooley from the University of Law in Guildford. Eton and Holyport pupils were in attendance, and the subject of the talk was centred around how to get into law as a profession, both as a solicitor and as a barrister. Mrs Pooley spoke about how the path to becoming a lawyer is going to radically change for the new generation after September 2020.

Mrs Pooley mentioned that this change will primarily affect solicitors, since there is barely any change for those wanting to become barristers in the near future. It will include less tuition fees, something many people within the UK will be very thankful for; in addition, however, it will include less experience and less specialisation in commercial law. This is due to the less demanding exams that are being implemented. Therefore, in order to become more employable, you must either research your chosen field by yourself, or go to a university where they offer both the course itself and the experience necessary to get a job in the top law firms.

Everyone there really enjoyed the evening. The audience truly captured the insight into the gradual transformation of the law sector, while also getting some advice on the road to getting a law degree by a highly qualified professional.

William Gurney