Eton has launched a new Social Action Newsletter to be published monthly detailing the various ways boys are working to make the world a better place, and ongoing projects taking place at the college. Presented via email and through house notice boards, the Social Action Newsletter aims to inform the Eton Community about the outstanding social action and community outreach taking place. Containing first-hand accounts of volunteering experiences from Eton boys, and highlights from both boy-initiated and college-initiated ongoing projects, this newsletter will bring about a greater awareness of the impressive outreach work being done by boys at Eton College.

In addition to the newsletter, a Social Action News blog is now being updated regularly on Firefly under the Community Engagement tab. Social action and community outreach has been of great interest to many boys over the years, and it is important for the college community as a whole to keep abreast of the important endeavours taking place.

Please check your email or house notice board for the latest newsletter every month, and stay informed throughout the year via the blog. The newsletter will also be available to view and download in the Social Action News blog for those who wish to share it with family, friends, and the wider community.

Be sure to engage in discussion with the boys highlighted in the newsletter – let's work together as a community to keep the motivation and drive for social action ongoing!

To view the Social Action News blog and the Social Action Newsletter, please visit