Last week, Eton College Sixth Form boys Max Arlott, Oliver Corcoran, James Hill, Salil Navapurkar, Jake Olszowski, Cosmo Taylor and Victor Matthews went to North London Collegiate School to take part in the fourth annual ‘Hispanic Theatre Competition’.

Over ten other schools took part, with the standard of competition being extremely high. James Hill’s script-writing of the play ‘Ni en Pintura’, was awarded the ‘Best Playwright in Spanish Award’. The play was set in an art gallery in La Mancha, where an ambitious curator from Argentina decided to raise the profile of his humble institution by commissioning a work of performance art by a duo of up-and-coming artists. Little does he know that on the very same day of the performance, the gallery is due for redecorating. As two painters arrive in the exhibition room and get to work, the true meaning and value of art is examined by the gallery’s undiscerning guests, some of whom would even watch paint dry…

The group later performed the play to a captivated audience of teachers and peers at Eton College.

Mercedes Porcel Martin (Teacher In Charge of the Eton Hispanic Theatre Company)