The Sports Department rallied together this week to host a red-themed fundraiser for the Ruth Strauss Foundation. 

Boys purchased Red for Ruth Day game socks and baggy caps for a cricket match on Saturday, with parents and opposing teams also proudly donning the rubicund colour. 

All proceeds went to the charity, which seeks to raise awareness of non-smoking lung cancers and provide emotional support to families who have suffered the loss of a parent. 

First team cricket captain Joseph B helped to orchestrate the day. He said: “I thought it was a huge success, with many parents speaking to representative members of the school about how the Ruth Strauss Foundation has helped them personally.”

Former England cricket captain Sir Andrew Strauss set up the charity in memory of his late wife, who passed away in 2018 after a diagnosis of incurable lung cancer. 

Director of School Sports Mr Flanaghan praised the tremendous solidarity of the Eton community. He said: “The keepers of cricket, tennis, athletics, rowing, and hockey were exemplary in their support. 

“Special mention must go to the keeper and vice-keeper of Strawberry Max W. and Ben Bingham for their daily drive in the week leading up to the event.”

Mr Flanaghan wants to build on the event’s success in the summer half, and Max W said: “We are hoping that this will become an annual event that will grow over the years.”