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Eton vs Harrow Lords Saturday, 25 June 2011

Eton’s victory at Lord’s on Saturday was well-deserved. Good plans were well-executed and a team effort was duly rewarded. At 131-2 at lunch, after good attacking spells from Warburton and Abel Smith, and some miserly overs from Ballantine Dykes, Harrow may have felt well-placed, but needed to accelerate. Hayes confounded this, taking 5-19 with his off spin from the Nursery End, the important wicket of Sert coming from a smart stumping by Browne and MacDonagh bowled tightly to keep up the pressure. A total of 182 was accessible, and a good start as ever important. Hayes and James nearly did enough to see off the dangerous Harrow openers, Pratt in particular. But at 25-3 with the potential of Shaw back in the pavilion, danger was present. Senaratne and Oram (the captain) played with discipline and patience to build a century partnership which effectively sealed the game, and with Hartley Russell at the wicket to help run the final three, Senaratne saw Eton home.