Fifty pupils and six members of staff from the two schools bedded down on the flagstones of Cloisters on 15th June.

Elliot Perks (GRP) said; “I hugely underestimated how hard it is for those who sleep rough, especially the younger people. The thought of sleeping every night in conditions far colder, dirtier and less comfy than that of which we slept in has really opened my eyes to how important the work that Centrepoint does is.

“Not only did the sleep out raise a great sum of money for such a good cause, but it also created an environment which enabled the people doing it to bond well, and was a great way to strengthen the bond between us Etonians and the students from the Langley Academy. The sleep out for Centrepoint was a great way of raising money for the young homeless, as it was rewarding (even enjoyable), yet also gave a slight taste of how horrific it must be for those who are in such a position where they must sleep rough every night, without the comfort of others around them."

Press release from Centrepoint