Healthcare facilities in the Annapurna foothills in Nepal are among the most remote in the world. As a result, the professionals there have developed a very different healthcare delivery system to that in the UK, which includes an emphasis on local residents taking responsibility for their own well-being.

A group of thirteen pupils from Eton College was able to experience primary healthcare facilities first-hand during a recent visit to Nepal. The boys discussed the strategies used to prevent disease and promote health with resident medical staff and put their questions to the Chairman of the local health committee in Ghandruk.

During their visit they were also guests at the opening session of an international conference on oculoplastic surgery held in Kathmandu and experienced a thought-provoking seminar by an adviser on health to the Nepalese government.

“The visit provided a striking perspective on the issues surrounding the health and wellbeing of Nepal, sandwiched as it is between the rapidly growing economies of China and India,” said George Fussey, who led the trip alongside fellow master Nick Leathers.

“Many of the boys are considering pursuing a medical career and this insight was incredibly valuable.”