Etonians help Oxford win the Boat Race

On an historic day, when for the first time the Women’s Boat Race took place on the same day and on the same course as the Men’s, Constantine Louloudis (Coll 10) became only the fifteenth man in history to win four Boat Races when he led his crew to victory over Cambridge by six lengths. He was joined on board by two other Etonians, Henry Goodier (RPDF 08) and Will Geffen (MGHM 13), and while the trio and the rest of their dark blue crewmates were put under pressure over the first third of the four and a quarter mile Championship Course by their light blue counterparts, their bow surged ahead after Hammersmith Bridge, opening up clear water which enabled them to cross in front of their opponents and row on to an emphatic victory. After the race Constantine, this year’s Oxford President told BBC Sport, “Going in the fourth time having not lost, I felt much more pressure especially as I was leading the guys. There were some pretty dark moments coming in but we dealt with it really well on the day. We stuck to our plan and executed a really good race.”

Half an hour earlier two other Etonians, Charlie Thurston (GRP 14) and Chris Snowden (GRP 11) were locked in a titanic battle between their respective Isis and Goldie crews in the reserves’ race. The lead changed hands several times, before Charlie’s Isis crew drew clear to win by three lengths.

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