On Thursday 18th January the acclaimed handbag designer and businesswoman Anya Hindmarch gave a talk in front of the Entrepreneurship Society in which she shared her 30 years of experience with the students.

Mrs. Hindmarch started her talk by giving a brief summary of her career. She mentioned the decision not to pursue a university degree in favour of completely emerging herself into the new business she was trying to create and how it subsequently resulted in her working with some of the biggest names in the industry. Following that summary, Mrs. Hindmarch talked about the aspects of entrepreneurship which she thought were key to her success. She provided some insightful advice to the boys, in case they ever want to start their own business. Such advice included the importance of kindness to others in an industry, and how that in turn results in a “favour bank” that can be used later on. In addition, more down to earth factors, such as ways of attracting potential investors into your company, and the importance of networking for success, were also discussed.

During the Q&A session she spoke about a variety of fashion trends as well as the impact the customers had on the industry. To close, Mrs. Hindmarch talked about her project to make people more aware of the problems associated with using plastic bags, and about how certain brands stopped using real furs in response to movements against animal cruelty. We would like to thank Mrs. Hindmarch for giving such a though provoking and insightful talk.

Daniil Filatov