A group of Eton boys from the Feminism Society made the journey across town to St Mary’s Ascot on Wednesday for their first meeting of 2018. After a short introduction to the girls, boys were seated at tables to discuss the different subjects of the evening.

First up, the secretaries of FemSoc at Eton, Greg Weaving and Arthur James, spoke about gender theory, and how one’s gender can act as their identity, with the perception of transgenderism gradually being more widely and positively perceived in today’s society. Secondly, the girls of St Mary’s Ascot briefly speculated about the different types of feminism, and what they can do to make sure that by 2118, there are no FemSocs in schools. After all, the successful outcome of feminism would make the societies redundant – and that is their aim.

Building upon the different types of feminism – from socialist feminist, to eco-feminist – groups on their tables discussed how the agendas of different types of feminism would succeed in the future, and what they would need to that. We would like to thank Miss Frew for organising the trip to St Mary’s, as we await a home fixture later in the Lent Half.

Nathan Swidler