On Monday 17 January, an historic meeting was held in Upper School at Eton College. The Environment Summit was a three-hour marathon meeting attended by the Provost, Vice Provost, Bursar, Head Master, Director of Partnerships, Director of Dorney Lake, Director of HR, Buildings and Facilities Director, General Manager of Bekynton, along with a House Master, Dame and the Masters-in-Charge of the Environment Society, Keepers and Secretaries.

It constituted the first meeting to draft the school’s Sustainability Strategy in its myriad forms, and to demonstrate Eton College’s commitment to introducing urgent mitigatory measures in tackling the environmental crisis.

An introductory speech by the Provost, and on Net Zero targets by the Buildings and Facilities Director, were followed by Mademoiselle Herbommez (one of the Masters-in-Charge of the Environment Society) and Cosmo Le B delivering presentations on the district heating system, catering and waste management, grounds and biodiversity enhancement at Dorney Lake and environmental education.

A closing speech was given by the Head Master to thank all stakeholders for their commitment. Objectives and commitments were discussed, pending ratification by the Provost and Fellows, which will feed into multiple strategic sustainability frameworks drafted at different levels of governance, with communications to boys imminent.