Farrer Theater team perform for F Block

On Friday 14th of September, the new F block were treated to a thrilling demonstration of what the Farrer, Eton’s main 400 seat theatre space, can do. After an introduction from Hailz-Emily Osborne, the Director of Drama, on the nature of Eton theatre, its different venues and shows and how tickets can be obtained, two of the schools’ actors and Alex Spencer, Keeper of the Farrer Theatre, exhorted everyone to get involved, whether onstage or off.

E and F block boys should look out for the opportunity to perform in this year’s Lower Boy Play: ‘The Skin of Our Teeth’, by Thornton Wilder, directed by Director-in-Residence Asia Osborne. This is an off-the-wall surreal romp through time, from the Ice Age to present day, and all boys in E and F are strongly urged to audition. Finally, the F block were treated to a demonstration of the Farrer’s potential: lights blazed, rock music pumped through speakers, and jets of fire were shot several feet into the air in a terrific technical display designed and organised by this year’s Keepers.

Boys are encouraged to sign up and join the stage crew, whether in lighting, sound or stage management, and participate in what is shaping up to be another exciting year of Eton drama.