Last Thursday evening saw the end, sadly, to the season for the Incognitos, the school’s premiere close harmony group. Such a farewell was not so downhearted in performance however, for the predominantly B Block group made sure it was a concert worthy of their audience.

It started off with some scintillating covers of “Dancing in the moonlight” by Toploader, together with “Yesterday” by The Beatles. The leading tenor voice of Albert Soriano (D Block JMOB) was truly spectacular in the group’s rendition of “Vincent” by Don Maclean; we hope to see him leading the Incognitos in later years as he continues to sport such a key role in the group. This year’s Keeper of the Incognitos, Alec D’Oyly (JMOB), was especially impressive throughout the entire evening, his third and final year in the prestigious group. More performances of “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire and “I want it that way” by The Backstreet Boys delighted the audience before the ultimate finale: “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne. Last year this a cappella group also finished off the night with this song, but it has to be said that this year’s rendition of a schoolboy classic was equally as phenomenal.

Many thanks must be given to Mr Yeo, Master-in-Charge of the Incognitos, as well as Alec D’Oyly for leading them throughout the year. We wish the B Block singers luck in the future, and look forward to the next group of boys to fill the empty places next year.

Nathan Swidler (NCWS)