Last Sunday eleven houses put on eleven short plays or extracts with the theme “breaking boundaries”. PFMH and JMR had an extremely difficult decision to make in choosing just five of them out of the brilliant four hours of theatre; but in the end ABH, JDN, College, JMO’B, and PAH made it through. The plays they put on were Noises Off, Educating Rita, Les Bonnes, The Sixth Interview, Three More Sleepless Nightsrespectively, and these will provide a great range of comic and dramatic pieces for the three nights of theatre later in the half.

The finals will be held on the 21st to 23rd of March in the Caccia Studio which will give the directors a chance to elevate their pieces to the next level with full props, costume, make-up, lighting, and sound.

Congratulations to everyone who took part, and I encourage all of you, and other budding directors and actors, to apply next year.

Lorenzo Harvey Allchurch