Fives vs Charterhouse

Thursday, 20th September 2012

The whole team was aware of the pressing need for a good start to the new season as the minibus arrived at Charterhouse on Thursday. This was the first away fixture of the year and also the first that had involved any senior players. In the event, it turned out successfully-the team are very grateful to the Master-in-Charge (CMBW) and coach (Mr Mike Hughes) for preparing them so effectively. In an experiment, the senior pairings were scrambled for this match, splitting up the Keepers to play in both First and Second Pair with new senior players Jack Parham and Rory MacMillan. Both Parham and MacMillan acquitted themselves admirably, each winning 3-0, and all but one of the Under 16 and junior pairs made a great start to the season by beating the opposition, sometimes by quite a margin.

Many thanks to CMBW and MPH for their coaching and support.

The scores were as follows:

Charlie Fairbanks Smith and Jack Parham Won 12-0 12-3 12-2

Matt Asquith and Rory Macmillan Won 12-2 12-2 12-2

Sam Oppenheimer and Will Ponsonby Won 12-0 12-3 12-2

Tom Weld and Henry Lopes Lost 13-15 12-4 8-12

Ed Collins and Tuppy Morrissey Won 12-4 12-1 12-3

Arthur Wellesley and Jack Capstick-Dale Won 12-4 12-2 12-0

Asquith MS (DMG)