Eton battle to draw amid poor conditions Eton U15As -1 Bradfield-1

The U15As kicked-off and unfortunately lost possession quickly so that Bradfield kept the ball well in the first five minutes. A few shots flew in from long range, none of them troubling the goalkeeper. A lot of midfield passing followed for the next ten minutes, dominated by Bradfield who came close when Cornelisson’s punch landed down to a Bradfield striker who blasted it over the bar.

This carried on until the 23rd minute when there was a quick succession of good chances for Bradfield, the most notable of these being a well guided pass from the wing into the box to the feet of a striker, who slipped just before the vital shot. 0-0 was the half-time score. Bradfield restarted the game after some quick half-time rain and carried on playing uninterestingly in the midfield but they got slowly closer towards scoring. The best chance of the game so far fell for Will Bowen when his well taken header was somehow kept out by the ‘keeper. The next 10 minutes were uneventful and frankly boring as both teams fought for possession. Will Bowen had an amazing chance when the goalkeeper was out of position, leaving an open goal which Bowen somehow missed from the edge of the box. However, Bradfield got the first goal of the game from a corner. The ball went into the box and came out for a player to volley it into the back of the net. Bradfield were definitely now on top of the game. Soon after, a controversial penalty was awarded to Eton because of a soft foul which was dully dispatched into the bottom left-hand corner by Ed Harrington. In the dying seconds of the game, Cornelisson clearly handled the ball outside of the box but it was (luckily for Eton) unnoticed by the referee. The final score was 1-1 which Eton will be a lot happier about than Bradfield who probably deserved to win it.

Billi Patt (PMG)