Eton lose out after spirited Bradfield comeback Eton U16As:1 Bradfield: 2

Eton started the match with early chances, a few dangerous crosses and long shots troubling the ‘keeper. The Blues slowly gained control of the midfield but after Bradfield’s series of less noticeable opportunities, the ball seemed to be booted down meaninglessly for both sides. However, it was Eton’s luck with the first goal. The U16As began to pressurise Bradfield in the opposition third of the pitch and fortunately for the home side, the goalkeeper fumbled the ball and A. Lyon was there to take it and score.

Bradfield then looked to equalise with the pace of their strikers who seemed to be tormenting Eton’s defence with fast runs down the centre, partially due to the advanced defensive line. The home team responded with long shots, which were not particularly accurate. The first half ended with the score line 1-0.

The second half was more interesting to watch; Eton possessed the ball and passed it around with brilliant, silky moves, while Bradfield defended and counter-attacked with dangerous dribbling. Eton let too much space behind them when the opposition ran down the flank with no resistance, and crossed it low to his unmarked team-mate, who gently finished the quick counter. Eton had some opportunities with A. Lyon and H. Miller-Stirling, but failed take them. Although the Bradfield goalkeeper was not confident at all after that unlucky first mistake, Eton never really had shots on target after the equaliser. On the other hand, J. Warrington did a super-save on a good drive, he was not able to stop Bradfield player flicking the ball over him, after yet another run with the ball. F. Chambers then had a shot, but could not turn the game around. The game ended 2-1 in Bradfield’s favour.

Ricky Won (MGHM)