All Square in Heated Derby U15As 2 Windsor Boys’ 2

This match is always one to put in your diary. You could tell by the amount of boys watching that it was the Eton/Windsor Boys’ derby. After the U14As’s disappointing defeat, revenge was on the players’ minds. Eton kicked-off and the play for the first 5 minutes was more or less even. The first real chance came in the 7th minute when Wilder’s long range shot went wide. Soon after, Bowen’s shot bounced right of the crossbar and straight down. Boys watching on the sideline all decided that the ball had crossed the line, but in actual fact, it was a long way off. The next 10 minutes or so were completely dominated by Eton. Numerous crosses floated into the Windsor Boys’ penalty area where they were met by headers that could have been better. After about 25 minutes, the first goal came in the form of Bradley Mitchell’s excellently taken long range shot.However, what Windsor Boys’ came up with next was a well crafted set of passes that mesmerised the Eton defence, leading to a rocket of a shot to level the scores. 1-1.

Suddenly, Eton started to look less convincing and Windsor Boy’s slowly managed to get back into the game. The last chance of the half fell to Wilders of Eton – a free-kick just outside the area came into the hands of the ‘keeper who was stepping back and almost stumbled over the line.Windsor Boys’ started the second-half and played fluid, passing football leaving Eton with some backs-to-the-wall defending as chance after chance came for Windsor Boys’. The most notable out of all of these came 20 minutes in when a free-kick brushed the crossbar.Finally, Windsor’s goal came as the result of several great passes and some bad defending. The ‘keeper left with no option but to watch it sail into the net. 2-1. Eton now had a lot to do with not long left. With the large crowd of boys that were there to support them, they gained more possession. Then, in the last minute, Mason-Apps scored after a long build-up and Ponsonby missed the ball. The score was now 2-2 and it stayed like that for the rest of the minute that was left. Eton was undoubtedly happier with a 2-2 draw than Windsor. They had done well to get back into the game so late on.

Billy Pratt PMG Pictures by Zainne Bilgrami TEWH