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Eton routs Forrest with emphatic victory

Eton16As: 6 Forrest 16As: 0

The match proved to be rather one-sided, as the Eton U16As completely took control of it. The home team opened fire with a header which the goalkeeper easily saved. However moments later, A. Lyon was at the end of a great through pass from F. Chambers and finished it calmly. The leaders then confidently commanded the pitch and looked to increase the 1-0 lead. The opposition goalkeeper found himself under heavy fire and soon conceded to H. Miller-Stirling who (with some Forrest players calling for no goal) tapped in the chance that W. Pearce created.

After losing two goals, Forrest came back with in an attacking manner, but they could not convert their corner into a goal. In fact, they were again at the receiving end of extremely close misses from the Eton side. Few minutes later F. Chambers once again gave a good through ball which A. Lyon converted, and he also added a goal by delicately shooting past the goalkeeper. The away team were trailing 4-0 at half-time. The second-half, however, was not much of an improvement over the first, and Forrest allowed H. Miller-Stirling to score twice to complete his hat-trick. The final score was 6-0 in Eton’s favour.

By Ricky Won