Geographical Society Sandie Taylor Renewable Energy Systems

The Geographical Society welcomed Sandie Taylor last Monday, to talk on the future of UK energy management and provision. Mrs Taylor, as an employee of Renewable Energy Systems, was able to give a highly insightful talk, first highlighting that a remarkably small proportion of the UK’s energy comes from renewable sources. Well over 80% of this country’s electricity is generated using fossil fuels. Indeed, Mrs Taylor stressed that rates of global energy use are currently far greater than rates of fossil fuel discovery, and as time goes by, demand is set only to increase. Mrs Taylor was able to offer insight into some of the successes RES have had in their work to make better use of natural renewable energy sources. The importance of alternative and renewable energy sources was conveyed strongly during the talk, as well as the necessity of government planning in sustainable energy resource production. The benefits and drawbacks of several key energy sources were discussed. Particularly for the UK as a coastal location, techniques such as the use of wind or tidal turbines could potentially account for a vast proportion of the country’s energy needs.

Jack Davies OS (RPDF)