Thurday 7th February

Shaun McCarthy, the Chair of the Commission for a sustainable London 2012, covered in a loud and attention-grabbing manner the challenges which had to be overcome, not only to make the Olympics green, but also to set an example for the rest of the world. Mr. McCarthy’s talk focused on the legacy of the Olympics park which will ensure the best use of the area, going through the next stage for all the stadiums and neighbouring residential areas. He described the whole project as a rebuild of East London with a summer break for sport, and emphasised the positive impact the project was having on the local community. He also delved into some of the major sustainable accomplishments of London 2012, such as zero waste in landfill and the fact that 62% of all waste created was recycled. He showed what level of sustainability can be achieved if we set our bar high enough.

Freddy Fooks (TEJN)