“The Provost & Fellows and the Head Master, on behalf of all the staff and boys at Eton College, mourn the death of Her Majesty the Queen and offer their deepest sympathy and condolences to the Royal Family.

Like the whole nation, we remember with gratitude her extraordinary service to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

As a Royal Foundation, Eton is proud to remember the many happy occasions on which she visited the school during her long life, before and during her reign. As part of her education, in 1938 she received tuition from Sir Henry Marten, then Eton’s Vice-Provost. As a result she did us the honour of accepting honorary membership of the Old Etonian Association. Her most recent visit was in 2019 to re-open the Queen’s Schools our renovated science schools, opened originally by her great great grandmother Queen Victoria.

Whenever she came to Eton she lit up the occasion with her smile and reinforced in everyone who met her the commitment to service which guided her whole life. She was a wonderful friend to this institution as she was to so many others all round the world. We miss her and mourn her. But as she above all would have wanted us to do, we say, ‘God Save the King’.”

Lord Waldegrave of North Hill, Provost of Eton College
Simon Henderson, Head Master of Eton College

Requiem Aeternam